Glenprosen estate

Author: Will Pocklington

In the face of testing times, many landowners in rural Scotland continue to invest significantly in their sporting estates. And Glenprosen Estate is a glowing example of what can be achieved when an holistic approach is taken.

Photographer  /  LEOPOLD AMORY Sporting estates in Scotland have it tough. For a while now they’ve been a target for the Nationalists and their illogical, idealistic – and damaging – stipulations. Land values trashed, taxation threats, sporting rates proposed... Rural Scotland sits in a shadow of uncertainty. And yet, many estates are now doing more than ever for the holistic health of the land, the wildlife and the people. The word ‘holistic’ is key here; only by addressing the...

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Scottish treasure


A closer look at five of the most iconic Scottish guns and rifles to have ever sold under the hammer with Holt’s Auctioneers.

To choose just five ‘iconic’ Scottish shotguns and rifles seems sacrilegious – after all, Scotland has given us some of the most stunning rifles and shotguns in the world. Donald Dallas, historian and author of books on John Dickson & Son, David McKay Brown and the great collector Charles Gordon, came up with a list long enough for a new book, rather than just this article. He quite rightly believes what sets Scottish shotguns and rifles apart from the crowd is their elegance, saying:...

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Scottish gin – From the soil comes the spirit

Author: Will Pocklington

Scottish gin is enjoying something of a renaissance. Will Pocklington visits Scotland’s first farm-to-bottle distillery, and discovers that they’re doing some exciting things.

The air tasted boozy as we stepped into the old barn with its high ceiling and shiny vats and stills. Ahead, a line of weathered bourbon casks ran parallel to the huge windows offering a panoramic view of Lunan Bay. The red Angus soils between us and the sea was laid bare in places. “So these fields here are for next year’s vodka,” explained a voice beside me, pointing towards them. Very soon they’d be planted with seed potatoes. The voice belonged to Arbikie Highland Estate...

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The tweed mill of Islay

Author: Marcus Janssen

Gordon and Sheila Covell have been running Islay Woollen Mill for more than 35 years. Marcus Janssen spoke to Gordon about his love of Tweed and his life on Islay.

Islay Woollen Mill, situated just off the main Port Askaig road near Bridgend on the Isle of Islay, was first established in 1883 and is Islay’s only mill. Since its re-opening in 1981, it has been owned and run by Gordon and Sheila Covell, and produces a wide range of products including rugs, scarves, caps, tweed jackets and kilts as well as raw fabrics. The Mill is a traditional family-run business and uses two looms dating from Victorian times. Some of the machinery is unique and...

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Harris Tweed – from the land comes the cloth

Author: Ian Lawson

Immersion into the unchanging beauty of the Outer Hebrides, the home of Harris Tweed, capturing the intimate connection between land, thread and weaver. By Ian Lawson.

I first travelled to the Outer Hebrides in search of the light. The long summer days of the far north; the twilight hour of changing colours on brae and ben, the open sky and where the wind blows salt and free. It was to be a rendezvous with beauty. I went with an open mind and an open heart. I wasn’t expecting this journey, the first of many I would make to the Hebrides, to spark a passion that would fundamentally alter the direction of both my personal and professional life. There is no...

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The influence of oak

Author: Patrick Tillard

The flavour imparted by a wooden cask is just as integral to a whisky’s profile as the barley and water. Patrick Tillard visits Speyside Cooperage to learn more.

Photographer / ALEX MITCHELL In the verdant forests of Missouri, straight towering oaks stretch to the skies. On the floor, speckled sunlight breaks through the canopy, highlighting an abundance of new arboreal activity – a reminder that these trees started life as an acorn some 100 years earlier. Willie Taylor, the director of Speyside Cooperage, where over 100,000 whisky casks are made and repaired every year, inspects a number of trunks, selecting only the finest to be felled and...

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