Family holidays in Scotland


With a little planning, Scotland has far more to offer than just shooting, fishing and stalking.

Negotiations with friends and family over the all-important family holiday are always tricky. Bridging the gap between a sporting holiday and one less likely to offer the ability to deploy rod or gun, must be a sticking point in many sporting households each year. We sportsmen and women often come to Scotland with sporting tunnel vision. Our non-sporting friends and loved ones snooze on the riverbank, and walk and crawl loyally up glen and hill when they really only have a passing interest in...

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The whisky regions of Scotland

Author: Brian Robinson

The key to understanding the diverse and complex world of single malt Scotch whisky, lies in Scotland’s geography, says Brian Robinson of Ballindalloch Distillery.

When was the last time you poured yourself a glass of single malt? Is it a rare treat at Christmas or a staple of the drinks cabinet that warrants pride of place? In either case, for many, it is often the familiar on which we rely, something tried and tested which we know will not disappoint. Yet single malt Scotch whisky is more diverse and complex than almost any other style of spirit. And therein lies the problem. For many, the task of fully understanding the wide range of characters and...

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The land of opportunity

Author: Alan Ward

Breathtaking landscapes and beguiling wildlife make Scotland a spectacular destination for the keen photographer. Alan Ward shares a few of his favourite places to capture some of nature’s greatest spectacles.

When it comes to wildlife, Scotland offers the photographer – or, indeed, anyone with an interest in the natural world – an exciting playground to explore. Not only is it home to some intriguing and rare species, but the environment they inhabit is often also breathtakingly beautiful. Put the two together and you have a recipe for stunning images. But you must know where and how to look... Doing your homework is key to successful forays with a camera. Of course, different species will...

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A pilgrims paradise

Author: Jo Woolf

It is easy to lose yourself in the history and beauty of Iona, says Jo Woolf.

Some memories linger forever in your mind; and some places steal a tiny piece of your heart, so that you’re never too far away from them. A few years ago I was on the island of Iona, walking along the sandy path that leads north towards the dazzling white sands of Tràigh Bhàn. It was July, and high pressure over the west coast of Scotland had breathed a spell of pure magic. Ribbons of fluffy white clouds floated in an endless sky, and in the distance the cliffs of southwest Mull rose...

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Orkney – a traveller's paradise

Author: Dave Flanagan

With breathtaking scenery, unrivalled archaeological sites and an eclectic culture, Orkney is a bucket list worthy destination for the adventurous traveller, says Dave Flanagan.

Photographer / COLIN KELDIE They don’t speak Gaelic in Orkney, but there are trees. Not many, it has to be said, but quite a few more than you may have been led to believe. It’s also a community that doesn’t really consider itself to be remote, isolated or particularly fragile. If you’ve never visited Orkney before, then you could be forgiven for arriving off your ferry or flight with some misconceptions about the language you might hear, the supposedly windswept and barren...

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The wildest West

Author: Stephen Whitehorn

Photographer Stephen Whitehorne explores the scenic severity of Torridon.

The minor road that hugs the coastline northwards from Applecross was my favoured approach to Loch Torridon on a fine February afternoon. This magnificent view, across sun-kissed sands, the Inner Sound and beyond to Raasay and Skye, was just one of many scenic delights along the way.     As storm clouds steadily gathered on Slioch, that giant, brooding ‘molar tooth’ which dominates Loch Maree, I hastily positioned my camera to capture what remained of a jewel-like...

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